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Boots Pharmacy

2 Woolbrook Rd, Sidmouth EX10 9UU, UK – 01395 579566

Woolbrook road Boots is a small but perfectly well run store, has many regular customers of which I am one. The warm welcome you get when you arrive in the store is second to none, just a very friendly helpful professional team. The shop is always well stocked and clean. Staff consistently deliver excellent service and always pleased to see you. They offer a fabulous service with in the pharmacy department, as I am a carer for my husband his meds are extremely important, the pharmacist is always on hand to give advice and shows empathy to her customers. At times when they are busy they still keep you informed as to how long and always apologetic for even a small wait that you have, in my mind it is better to be acknowledged than not at all. Well done Woolbrook Boots it is a pleasure to shop with you. Thank you.

Caring About Sidmouth

9 Holmdale, Sidmouth EX10 8DH, UK – 01395 515586

Caring In Sidmouth began visiting my terminally ill mother at home on a daily basis in July this year. I was a bit worried how she would react to a team of different people coming in, as she was a very private and independent lady, quite resistant to the idea of needing any help beyond immediate family members. On the first day, CAS sent in one of their most experienced carers, and the ice was successfully broken. It was such a great relief to myself and 3 siblings that the main needs of the day, particularly washing and dressing, were now in the hands of kind and caring professionals. Over the next few weeks, my mother became used to the routine that had now been established, with daily lunchtime visits of 2 hours duration. Indeed she started looking forward to the daily visits and getting to know the individual carers, to whom nothing was too much trouble. She was even treated to a foot massage and a manicure! One of the carers, Sarah a former hairdresser, did a wonderful job creating new hairstyles whenever she could - a great morale booster, despite my mother being so ill. When she passed away, it was a wonderful surprise that a number of representatives of CAS turned up at her funeral in their uniforms (they had somehow found the time to prioritise this on a work day)! This, together with the warmth, respect and compassion they had shown my mother throughout her illness - was evidence, if any was needed, that 'genuinely caring' is a truly priceless commodity.

Bindon Care

36 Winslade Rd, Sidmouth EX10 9EX, UK – 01395 514500

The staff make this place what it is. My mum lived here for over two years and died here recently. They understood her illness and understood her funny ways. She had a genuine love for many members of staff and their end of Life care was fantastic. We were able to visit anytime and take mum out for day trips and holidays. Thank you everyone there.

Such lovely staff. The end of life care was incredible for our nan. We couldn't hav asked for more. Thank you for looking after her so well during her 2 year stay and espcially in her last few months. Sylvia's granddaughter

Local hospitals - community hospitals and hospitals with A&E departments for EX10 8XR.

The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
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